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PA School Requirements

PA school admission requirements vary greatly.  The following is an example of a PA program that has few prerequisite requirements and admits 30 PA candidates with a median Overall & Science GPA around 3.4.  Successful candidates have an average of one year of hands on clinical experience and pay around $70,000 in total tuition.  There are schools that are a good match for a lot of prospective PA candidates.

PA schools require The admission requirements of PA programs have the following characteristics in common.

GPA requirements:

The GPA requirements for PA programs are distinguished by the following types of GPA calculations:


PA schools that have experience requirements look for healthcare experience (HCE), PA shadowing experience and community service.  HCE typically range from 500 hours to 2,000 hours, while PA shadowing typically ranges from 8 hours to 40 hours.  Schools that require community service hours can have requirements as high as 500 hours.  Some PA schools require no experience of any kind.

If it seems like this is a lot of information, it is!  Matching a PA candidates academic records, and work experience to all of the possible rules is for every PA school requires about 1,000,000 computations.  We perform this matching service in under a minute for our clients!