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Let’s face it every PA program you are applying to has a team of people that are screening hundreds if not thousands of applicants to find the ones that are right for their program. You are at a disadvantage in this process!  There are over 260 PA programs in the United States.  In the perfect world, you would evaluate every PA program and only apply to the schools that are looking for candidates with your unique qualities.

The question is, how do you find those schools?

That’s where we come in.  Think of us as your application team.  My PA Path screens all 260+ PA programs against your unique qualities, work experience, and academic history to find the schools that are an optimal fit.  We help you develop a strategy and manage the process of targeting a select group of schools.

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PA SmartCompare™ performs more than 1,000,000 computations!

We analyze more than 80 data points for each client and more than 50 data points for each PA school.  PA SmartCompare™ assesses this information and applies the rules of our proprietary analytics tool.  Our tool uniquely evaluates your academic records, experience, and preferences and compares those to the requirements of more than 260 PA schools to create an optimized list of PA schools that match your profile.  In total, we perform more than one million computations for each My PA Path client to create a personalized match of PA Schools.

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The economics of the PA application process

First, we assume your time is worth something.  If you are like most people, you place a premium value on your free time.  It is likely that you are working, and the prospect of making a six-figure income as a PA is much more attractive than your present situation.  Let’s assume you are going to submit applications to 10 PA schools and that you are going to look at 20 PA schools to come up with a short list of your top ten schools.

Do you use Uber?  Do you eat out?  How much do you spend?  The reality is you value your spare time at more than $25/hour!

It costs a lot of money to apply to the wrong school!

We’ve been through this process – we can help!

It’s now the 2019/2020 CASPA PA application cycle and if you are like everyone else you probably have a little anxiety trying to figure which schools are the right schools to target.  The founders of My PA Path have been through this process.  We know what’s involved and we know this process can be a little daunting.  The reality is that there is a lot of competition and PA schools have come up with various means to screen out the majority of applicants so they can get to a manageable list of interview candidates.  Just because you’re not a good fit for one school doesn’t mean you aren’t an excellent fit for ten other programs. We also know that you can’t possibly look at every PA program in detail to determine which ones are an optimal fit. That is why we created My PA Path.  We can help you navigate this process more effectively by identifying an optimal set of PA schools that are a personal match for you.

Knowledge is power!

If you have the knowledge that you are a great fit for the list of programs you are targeting, you can spend the bulk of your energy focused on presenting yourself in the best possible light so that you can get an interview.

Identifying an optimal list of PA programs absolutely needs to be your # 1 priority!

Instead of spending $1,000 of your time (and your support systems’ time) trying to figure which schools should be on your target list, we take on that work and present you with a personalized list of schools based on your academic records, your experience and your preferences.

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